jueves, 23 de abril de 2009


First of all hugs and kisses for joining my blog and thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to share my most intimate thoughts, hopes, dreams, and wishes.

My name is Karen Luna, a male to female transgender, living in Bogota, Colombia. My dream is to be 100% woman.

To accomplish my most important dream, I need to be under feminizing hormone therapy by taking estrogenic components and anti-androgen's consistently daily.

I am currently taking anti-androgen and female hormones which will help me to achieve my dream:
-Get the maximum feminization in the shortest period of time.
-The fewest undesirable side-effects, both physical and emotional.

To get the best results I have to take my pills and shots with the frequency needed, every day, week, and every month. To make my transition perfectly safe I have to see the doctor, an endocrinologist expert, and follow his instructions. This treatment is costly.

Well, the global recession has hit me and I cannot pay for my medicines with the frequency I need.
At this time, I had to suspend my hormones treatment for the last few months and I don’t want to lose my progress to fulfill my dream, it is critical now to be able to continue with my feminization.

Thinking about what can I do to continue, I found the following option, and I am counting with your help, best friends and contacts

How can you help?

If you have really like to help me you coud do it  by sending  a donation, select “ Buy Now” on the icon below and follow the steps in the donation screen. All donations are using PAYPAL and are completely secure.


*****If you have used any of these links just send me an email to kareng442000@yahoo.com I will reply you with my special thanks and some of my best pictures and special videos.

Thanks again this girl will be always very grateful!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs and kisses to every single person visiting my blog

I will publish my advance in my hormonal treatment, in pictures of my face, breast, legs, bottom....

Fotos Karen Luna (click to enlarge)

New Entries of 7 May 2009...... pending ..... i am uploading more ...

Below my first pics in 1993

Then my 2003 pics

2004 Pics

2005 Pics

2006 pics

comming soon



comming soon